We at Madia & Matilda have curated a selection brands who share our passion and ethos – We believe in putting the environment first. This is why everything environmentally friendly is our kind of thing! Therefore we have selected the best quality products that really showcase this ethical and responsible craftsmanship.


Here is a guide to what we appreciate in our design and curated selection.

Fair Trade


We all liked to be treated fairly, which is why we support brands that support this philosophy. We believe by being conscious of your clothing habits you can as the right questions. In order to find out which factories in the EU, pay fair wages and provide good working conditions for their staff.



An item which is made from recycled or vintage materials, instead of filling up a landfill full of beautiful fabrics, Madia & Matilda decided to do something with it because are different from the norm. 




We love Organic products, not chemically treated and grown just as nature intended. 



Eco Friendly


Everything environmentally friendly is our kind of thing, that’s why we have introduced brands who share our passion and ethos – We believe in putting the environment first and keeping our carbon footprint low, by working together with other brands to deliver your products, within your area.


Hand Crafted


We appreciate local artisans and designers worldwide, from the seamstress that creates each panel on a bag to the jeweller placing beads on your necklace. Supporting local businesses, which instil craft and heritage.

Small Scale Production


Small factories where we can talk directly to the people who make the garments. With strict working regulations ensure high standards. Sourcing our needs for printing, labelling, packaging etc. from small, local, quality businesses. This transcends in our ethos in all aspects of business.



Made in Britain


We are proud to say that all Madia & Matilda garments in Made in Britain since 2013.  Which is why we feel it is so important to keep supporting clothing manufactures in Britain. Keeping Madia & Matilda connected to the local community and the industry. By producing in England we are doing our bit to support local businesses and help rebuild the textile industry, while creating beautiful garments.



We recognize all brands that use non toxic methods and also the use of natural, vegetable dyes and processes within there manufacture. This includes natural leather processes. 


End of Line


We have noticed the huge amount of unused fabric rolls. Fabrics, we at which end up as waste due to defaults or from just being discarded. Here at Madia & Matilda, we create stunning unique pieces from these discarded fabrics.


If you are a brand and would like to join us contact