Having the privilege to wear a different outfit everytime a special occasion comes around without suffocating your wardrobe and the environment is now possible! Discover our exciting selection of rentable clothes to expand your style horizons.

Once activated, your monthly subscription will give you access to many styles for only 65£/month.

Step 1: Stock your closet - Keep up to 10 items in your virtual dreamy closet

Step 2: Rent - We will select and send you 3 pieces from your closet that you will be able to wear for a whole month, starting the day you receive the package.

Step 3: Return - The items must be returned together before the next shipment. You will then receive 3 new items from your virtual closet!

1- Escape your comfort zone - Try new styles completely risk-free

2- Free shipping included - We will provide a prepaid envelope included in every box, covering both ways. 

3- Exclusive deals - Own your favourite styles for a discounted price up to 30% off the original price.

4 - No commitment - Cancel your subscription anytime